Sunday, January 20, 2013

"Clay Pigeons," C-Ville Weekly

I was once told by an editor in Virginia that my arts coverage was too positive. Thus directed to amend this, I took critical aim at a generally harmless gallery, and still feel remorseful over this: 

“ Bozart (gallery) is an easy mark for an art critic, with its moldering hippie aesthetic, zen pretensions, and co-optation of indigenous people’s cosmology; a free-expression touting boutique of banality. So why bother confronting something so seemingly benign? Blame a strongly averse reaction to the title of this month’s show, “Functional Epiphany”- a dissonant, paradoxical concept that elevates the saleable over the seminal, simultaneously cheapening the idea of profound experience…” Regrettably, I went on. link

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