Friday, July 26, 2013

B&W Magazine Issue 99, October 2013

It must be mid-Autumn in California, because the profile of Alex Veledzimovich in the October 2013 issue of B&W Magazine is on newsstands now. It was a privilege to bring this highly original, photographer from Belarus to the attention of a wider audience. If what Alex considers "world dharma" has any suasion, his path should only become more brightly illuminated. 

 "...the theatrical elements of his work have moved from the margins to become more strongly foregrounded. Props are given 
greater prominence— a paper moon, a cardboard rocking horse, a doll, or wings made of cardstock— while his images’ themes are less escapist counterpoints like coupling, occupations or parenthood. Despite the more burdened postures of figures in these recent works, the grace notes they hold do not look to me like flags of surrender, and seem more like emblems of protest— asserting that no matter how we arrive at our individual entropy, we will carry a vestige of something not as jaded, something more uncritically hopeful, and engaged." Full text here.

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